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Leaders – Never Underestimate the Power of This One Thing (+Video)

Leaders – Never Underestimate the Power of This One Thing (+Video) post image

What matters most to those you lead? Answer: It's caring. Leaders who have heart, will also have the hearts of those they lead. I love the following video that demonstrates this in a beautiful and simple way. We all have an innate desire to be cared about, to feel valued - to be loved. Leaders, never […] Read More

Story For All Leaders – How’s Your Attitude? Life is What You Make it!

Story For All Leaders – How’s Your Attitude? Life is What You Make it! post image

Your attitude determines ultimately how you lead. The following leadership story demonstrates how easy it is to find what you believe. Once upon a time a man pulled into a gas station in a small town in the country. He asked the attendant there, "What are the people like in the next town ahead?" The […] Read More

Teamwork Video That Will Blow You Away! Team Unity at Its Best

Powerful Teamwork Video of Lion and Buffalo – Unity

I have told the story and fable of the bulls and the lion, and I have also shared it in a popular video titled "United We Stand: A Team United Can't Fail." But I always love it when I see it happen in life. The following video demonstrates the important need for teams to unite […] Read More

3 Fantastic Time Management Tips That Will Change You

Top 3 Time Management Tips – Will Change Your Life

I am sure you have read your share of time management books, attended your share of time management seminars and workshops and have shared your own tips for managing time as well. But how many have you actually continued to use regularly? Time management is simply a matter of discipline. The following three tips are […] Read More

Are You a Leader Who Leads by Example or Not? 3 Ways You Can Start Now

Lead By Example – Great Leaders Model Positive Leadership Skills

How much do you learn by watching others? The reality is you learn a lot! It is not uncommon for most of us to model a leader, for example, that we really liked. Unfortunately what we learn can be good or bad. Whether you are a parent, coach, teacher, or a manager in business each […] Read More

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