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Bullied to Remarkable Leader in 1 Year! Unbelievable & Inspiring Video

Kid Bullied to Leader in 1 Year

Remarkable Teenage Leadership - Changes Entire School in 1 Year! I don't like bullies, and I bet you don't either. I am floored by the leadership courage this bullied teenager took to become not only an unbelievable leader at his school, but also something else you will have to watch the video to see. Josh […] Read More

A Quick Way to Help Those You Lead Feel Good (Team or Family)

Thumbs Up and Positive Activity for Leaders of Teams

If you are a leader, you are always looking for quick and effective ways to boost the morale of those you lead. Last Sunday night we had a good portion of our family over for dinner, including our three children that are married and their spouses. While we were wrapping up our meal, my wife suggested […] Read More

Leaders Becoming “Arrow Minded” This Year – Did you know…

Leaders Becoming “Arrow Minded” This Year – Did you know… post image

Who has helped you find your way in becoming a successful leader?  As the old adage goes, “if you ever see a turtle on a fence post, he did not get there by himself.” Neither did those who are leaders. I believe that more than one-person has helped point the way for each of us […] Read More

Father: There’s No Leadership Calling Like It! – Super Inspiring Video

Father: There’s No Leadership Calling Like It! – Super Inspiring Video post image

Wouldn't you agree that there isn't any other leadership position in the whole world better or more important than being a parent? All leaders have their challenges, but when the day is done, the challenges we have in our own homes are the most important challenges we have. They require our undivided attention, and our […] Read More

Who is Really Most Important on Your Teams? Funny Leadership Joke

Very funny leader manager and team joke.

Who do you value most on your teams? Your leaders and managers? I found this joke the other day and hope you find it of value in sharing with others. My guess is many would say their managers are most important, right? Their pay reflects it, doesn't it? You might be wrong. The punchline in […] Read More

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