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3 Amazing Teamwork Videos – Perfect For Team Sharing and Discussion

Teamwork Videos – Amazing Teams – Team Discussions – Training

Try this some time. Take one of the following videos below and share it with your team and then discuss. Teams that take the time to discuss teamwork; it's meaning, purpose, benefits etc... are better. Video is a powerful medium for sharing and then discussing. The following three videos are all a little different in […] Read More

Life is Like a Big Hot Cup of… Story For All Leaders to Share

Life is Like Hot Chocolate – Leader Story to Share

One of the reasons I blog is to provide leaders resources to share with their teams. Leaders have tremendous opportunities to share inspiring and powerful videos and stories with their teams and organizations. Doing so gives those they lead something to think about, to be inspired by and to work towards. Leadership is as much, if […] Read More

Let’s Get Personal Leaders – Please! Powerful Video and Request…

Leaders Beware of Technology – Reach out Personal Touch

It happened to me... The other day I was sitting in the living room of my home with my family surrounded by communication; but not between any of us. I sat there in disbelief as my wife was on her smartphone browsing Facebook, my 20-year-old daughter on her phone texting who knows who, my 17 year […] Read More

Teamwork Game and Activity to Share – The Secret to Teamwork!

Team Building Activity

The past week I have been in the thick of conducting Leadership and Teamwork workshops with several organizations. One of the team building activities that I have used almost extensively in all of my efforts is called the "Tennis Ball" game.  I picked this up years ago, but it appears to be hitting the mark again, so […] Read More

How Do Leaders Solve Problems? Powerful Story and 3 Tips

Leadership Story Leaders Solve Problems and 3 Tips to Help

One thing is for sure, if you are a leader, you will solve problems. The following story illustrates how easy it is in leadership to look past the most obvious causes of problems. A story is told of a crowd of people who were standing at the edge of a river bank when they begin to hear […] Read More

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