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Mistakes when setting goals.

The ability to set realistic goals and achieve them is one of the fundamental aspects of being an effective leader. However, when managing a team it can be difficult to strike the balance between expecting too little and too much. When targets aren't met, this can create a serious blow to your team’s morale, so […] Read More

Happy is a Leadership Choice

Very few jobs in a company are as lonely and as stressful at times as those with the title of "leader." Can you be happy and lead? I believe the answer is always YES! Several years ago I wrote a fairly popular post titled "How To Be More Happy - 5 Things Leaders Can Start […] Read More

Delegation is Critical to Successful Leadership

I get it, you really are the only one that can do it the way you want it done - why delegate to someone else? Boy did I struggle with that very same thing until one day a good boss of mine told me otherwise. Fresh out of graduate school I considered myself the best at […] Read More

Move from manager to leader…

I like to ask people in my leadership development workshops, are you leading like a leader, or are you just managing to be a leader? You might say it depends on the day? I get it. We all have better days than others. But at the end of the day most of us are striving […] Read More

Using Foul Language at work as a Leader can Hurt You

I have had leaders who swore a lot. And I have had other leaders who swore some, but refrained from swearing when I was around out of respect. Career Builder did an interesting survey a little while back on using foul language in the workplace. They found that over 50% of workers reported they swear […] Read More