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Bad and Ineffective Meetings – Tip for Better Meetings – Leaders

Once while facilitating a team development workshop it occurred to me why we waste a lot of time in meetings. The team I was facilitating this workshop for included the President of the company and his direct reports. They were struggling with effective meetings like so many executive teams do. While we were discussing some […] Read More

Leadership Story for Stressed Leaders

Leadership and stress can go hand in hand. Leaders do a lot of hard things. Stress isn't necessarily a bad thing if it moves leaders to action. However, it can become burdensome and troubling if internalized. I love the following story. It puts it all in perspective for leaders and can help them deal appropriately with […] Read More

Ineffective conference call meetings face to face.

We are all on them way too much. They are the dreaded, multitasking, technical issues ridden ineffective conference calls. Have you ever wondered what one might look like if you were meeting face to face? Tripp and Tyler do a great job in demonstrating that in the funny video below. From the annoying beep every time […] Read More

Leader Vulnerability Based Trust – Strengths Weaknesses

When I do leadership and team development consulting one of my favorite team activities and actually the most powerful is called the "Team Effectiveness" exercise. Patrick Lencioni, author of the best selling book, "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team," uses it in his workshops. The team activity is simple... Each member of the team points out […] Read More

Don’t Think The Worst in Others Leaders – Beware

Powerful Leadership Story to Consider I love the following story. It has application for all leaders. With so much negative coming to those of us in positions of leadership it is sometimes easy to think the worst in people. Leaders should assume positive intent until given a reason otherwise. The following story I recently heard […] Read More