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Life Changing Leadership Development in 10 Minutes: Watch & Share

Leadership Development in 10 Minutes – Inspiring Leadership
Take 10 minutes to watch this video and it could change your life and make you a better leader in business, church, home or wherever you might lead. I can’t believe I never saw this before. Each of us has leadership development needs and we attend to those needs in a variety of different ways. […]

What Matters Most? Leadership Lessons – 3 Short Powerful Videos

Leadership Lessons – What Matters Most – Family
I have been reflecting a lot this week on what matter’s most. I am probably not unlike you in many ways in doing that from time to time. I have been the recipient of many leadership lessons – primarily in my own home. Of all the lessons on leadership I have learned, prioritizing my life to […]

Very Funny Video: Need an Employee Performance Management System?

Performance Management System – Employee Appraisal
This is hilarious and got me thinking. Is there an idea here for a performance management system of some type? I have to think so. If this kind of car alarm can deter criminals, could we create some kind of employee performance system like it to deter poor work choices and behavior? Would it be […]

Ever Wanted to Change the World? Do This First – Powerful Leader Story

Change the World – Change Yourself – Story
I am probably like most of you who read this blog, one of my greatest desires in life is to leave a positive impression, example and meaningful works to the world and most importantly my family. The leadership story that follows gave me time to think about that and the difference I am making. Have […]

Work For a Bad Boss? 4 Things You Can Do Now: Fun Video Included

Working For a Bad Boss
Note: See the video below of one employee’s solution to dealing with a bad boss. I don’t recommend it, but it is pretty funny. My “calmer” recommendations are below If you haven’t had one, then you are lucky. Unfortunately bad bosses are everywhere. Many studies have shown that the number one reasons people leave their […]
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