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Using Foul Language at work as a Leader can Hurt You

I have had leaders who swore a lot. And I have had other leaders who swore some, but refrained from swearing when I was around out of respect. Career Builder did an interesting survey a little while back on using foul language in the workplace. They found that over 50% of workers reported they swear […] Read More

Two Fun and Funny Job Interviews (Videos)

Funny Job Interview Videos

Finding the right person to fill a position you have open can be challenging. However, if you do it right it can make everyone's jobs a lot easier. Hiring tough and managing easy is the key. What would you do if a job applicant who was applying for a customer service position told you that […] Read More

Bad Mood? 4 Easy and Fast Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

Going from Bad Mood to Good Mood – 4 Tips Cheer Yourself Up

Leadership can be hard and discouraging at times. Bad moods when things don't go well can become a regular outcome of your ups and downs as a leader. Here are four suggestions you can use now to cheer yourself up when you are having a bad leadership type of day. 1. Serve. One of the […] Read More

Want to Destroy Trust? Then Do This… Personal Leadership Story post image

I can clearly remember years ago driving from what I thought was a good meeting to the airport with a fellow leader and colleague of mine. Why do I remember so clearly? Because it was a constant barrage of negativity directed toward our then new leader all the way to the airport. I didn't feel […] Read More

Last Day – What Matters Most – Leader Video

Powerful Leadership Video So, it's the last day of your life. What matters most? What is going through your mind that day? What's going through your mind that last hour? Is there anything you would do differently? In January of 2009, Ric Elias was in the front-row seat of Flight 1549 and was heading for […] Read More