It’s The Last Day Of Your Life… What Matters? Video For All Leaders

Last Day – What Matters Most – Leader Video

Powerful Leadership Video So, it's the last day of your life. What matters most? What is going through your mind that day? What's going through your mind that last hour? Is there anything you would do differently? In January of 2009, Ric Elias was in the front-row seat of Flight 1549 and was heading for […] Read More

Is Workplace Gossip Bad? I Hate It – But Not Always….

Workplace Gossip Can Be Positive

This Kind of Gossip Can Change Lives as Well! You can usually tell when it is happening - one person is hunched over the other whispering into their ear as both of them share expressions of disgust or confusion or maybe even glee. I have dedicated several popular posts over the last number of years on […] Read More

Teamwork Story – Do You Feel The Strength of Your Team?

Make the Dream Work with Teamwork – Teamwork Story

I just heard the following wonderful story on teamwork from the play, "Some Folks Feel the Rain; Others Just Get Wet." One of the marks of a great leader is the ability to get his or her team to pull together and to feel they are a part of something really special (vision). One of […] Read More

Leaders – Should You Admit a Mistake? 3 Reasons I Would… (+Video)

Good Leaders are Okay with Admitting Mistakes

Do those in leadership make mistakes? Absolutely. Do leaders readily admit mistakes when they happen? Not always. Should they? Some say yes. Some say no. My advice to all leaders is yes! For three reasons. 1. It Provides Permission. Admitting mistakes gives others permission to make them too. And when they do eventually make a mistake those […] Read More

Bullied to Remarkable Leader in 1 Year! Unbelievable & Inspiring Video

Kid Bullied to Leader in 1 Year

Remarkable Teenage Leadership - Changes Entire School in 1 Year! I don't like bullies, and I bet you don't either. I am floored by the leadership courage this bullied teenager took to become not only an unbelievable leader at his school, but also something else you will have to watch the video to see. Josh […] Read More

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