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Hire Tough Manage Easy – Leadership Advice Jobs

You would think a #1 leadership tip from Steve Jobs might be complex, right? No, not really. Steve Jobs philosophy was spot on which was to simply hire great people, make them accountable and then get out of their way. However, doing this is difficult for many leaders. One of my favorite simple "101" kind of […] Read More

Poor Presentation Skills and Bad Training

How would you like a few solids tips on how not to present or train? The following video is perfect and pretty accurate in presentation and training "don'ts." Unfortunately I have witnessed these bad presentation practices in about 95% of the training and presentations I have attended over the years. How about you? You might […] Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Arriving Early – Try It Today! post image

I am an early person for the most part. I understand the benefits and importance of being on time and even early to a meeting, training, presentation and even church. While some people get a rush out of being late to everything, it just plain stresses me out, how about you? See my post: Late […] Read More

Mistakes when setting goals.

The ability to set realistic goals and achieve them is one of the fundamental aspects of being an effective leader. However, when managing a team it can be difficult to strike the balance between expecting too little and too much. When targets aren't met, this can create a serious blow to your team’s morale, so […] Read More

Happy is a Leadership Choice

Very few jobs in a company are as lonely and as stressful at times as those with the title of "leader." Can you be happy and lead? I believe the answer is always YES! Several years ago I wrote a fairly popular post titled "How To Be More Happy - 5 Things Leaders Can Start […] Read More