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Sometimes It’s Good To See Teamwork Fail… Amazing Video!

Failed Team of Lions Going After Elephant

Teamwork at it's worse... Normally you don't want to see team's fail, but I think you will agree that in the following video it is a really good thing. Watch this dramatic moment when a young elephant fights off this vicious team of 14 hungry lions. This video was shot by tourists in the South […] Read More

Every Leader Has To See This! You’re Enough! Look…

Lonely leadership. Look in the mirror leader. You are enough.

Have you looked in your leadership mirror lately? What did you see? Are you looking in the right mirror? You are a better leader than you realize. Every day you are impacting, blessing and inspiring lives. Has anyone told you this lately? Leadership is a lonely job. Whether you lead a business, a church, family or […] Read More

How to Increase Your Productivity – Best Video I Have Ever Seen on This!

How to Increase Your Productivity – Best Video I Have Ever Seen on This! post image

One topic I love writing about is time management and how to increase productivity. I came across a video recently that has some really great stuff on how to increase your personal productivity and possibly your teams. I was just sharing a couple of days ago one of a handful of great tips in this […] Read More

Gratitude Is An Attitude – The Super Power of Thank You

Gratitude is an Attitude. Thankfulness, Gratitude, Thank you

I love Thanksgiving! It is a time to reflect on the most important things in my life and my families life. Are you doing the same? It is healthy to look at those things that matter most and to reflect on each blessing. There is power in gratitude, and the simple, but super powerful words […] Read More

Two of the Most Powerful Words Leaders Can Say: And Why You Should

Leaders Must Say Thank You and Why

Whatever your leadership responsibility is - whether your are a parent, coach, pastor, scoutmaster, business leader or any other type of leader - you need to say two words often and genuinely. They are the words "thank you." Unfortunately many leaders don't say it enough. First Reflect "I would maintain that thanks are the highest […] Read More

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