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Gratitude Is An Attitude – The Super Power of Thank You

Gratitude is an Attitude. Thankfulness, Gratitude, Thank you

I love Thanksgiving! It is a time to reflect on the most important things in my life and my families life. Are you doing the same? It is healthy to look at those things that matter most and to reflect on each blessing. There is power in gratitude, and the simple, but super powerful words […] Read More

Two of the Most Powerful Words Leaders Can Say: And Why You Should

Leaders Must Say Thank You and Why

Whatever your leadership responsibility is - whether your are a parent, coach, pastor, scoutmaster, business leader or any other type of leader - you need to say two words often and genuinely. They are the words "thank you." Unfortunately many leaders don't say it enough. First Reflect "I would maintain that thanks are the highest […] Read More

Is This Your Leadership Communication Style? Watch Out! (Story)

Business Communication Can Come in a Variety of Styles

Business communication styles can come in several harmful flavors. I love the following story that illustrates how your style of communication could lead to big problems in business and personally if you aren't careful. What's your leadership communication style? One night an angry man and wife were preparing for bed. Neither of them had spoken […] Read More

Leader: What Would You Do if an Employee Started to Cry? 5 Tips

Leadership Tips for Crying at Work

Many managers and leaders are not comfortable when things get emotional. Those in leadership positions may feel it is not professional to cry. But the reality is most people (and even some of your best) can't just drop their emotions in the lobby before they come to work, or drop them in a bucket when they surface […] Read More

3 Funny Communication Videos – Share at Your Next Staff Meeting

3 Funny Communication Videos – Share at Your Next Staff Meeting post image

Effective communication in the workplace isn't always that easy. Here are three hilarious communication videos that you can share at your next team meeting. Each short video highlights how communication at work can go so bad at times. Effective Workplace Communication Video #1 Use the right communication tool. With so many choices (e.g., phone, email […] Read More

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