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Do your team projects sometimes mirror the work of this team? Video – Very Funny Teamwork Video.

Teamwork going really bad.

I think Friday’s are a good day to post something a little more lite, but still related to teamwork and leadership in some sort of odd way. So here is a video that you are sure to get a chuckle or two out of.

How do your team projects mirror the work of this team of guys sometimes? Check out the video.

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  • No they did not think ahead, like many of us yet it looked like a terrible loss for one or more of them who appeared to really need that truck…
    Easy to laugh i self-recognition that I, too, have been part of a team where we did not clearly see what might happen as a consequence of our actions yet i felt for them as it did not look like these were people for whom the loss would really affect their life
    ~ a fan of teamwork

  • Bill Wallcoen

    Mike, I have worked with teams in the past that had just as much confusion happening within their group until I added other parts missing from their team concept.
    Like most unorganized, poorly planned teams there had to be guidance, team leaders, operating procedures, organization, safety guidelines, and participation/participants.
    When those factors are added to a team success normally happens.

  • Mike,
    Excellent video showing a very funny example of when teams successfully work together but with vary unsuccessful results. Leadership, Safety, Communication Skills, Understanding of roles, Planning, are all critical aspects of a successful team. Thanks for Sharing.

  • example

    Do your team projects sometimes mirror the work of this team? Video – Very Funny Teamwork Video. – Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings

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