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What Leaders Can Learn About Poor Communication – Bill Cosby – Funny Video

Poor Leadership Communication Have You Down?

Poor Leadership Communication

Here is a video to lighten up your weekend that demonstrates the importance of strong leadership communication. Though the video does not directly address poor leadership communication, it makes a strong case for solid communication in our organizations.

Many problems in organizations could be  avoided with clear leadership communication. Often times others assume we understand what they are talking about when the truth is we don’t have a clue. Poor communication can result in poor quality, missed deadlines and low morale.

It is always a good idea to assume nothing. Remember to communicate to the level of your audience.  It is also critical to check for understanding. Many problems can be avoided by simply checking for understanding. For smaller interactions just ask. For larger, send out a survey.

If you don’t clearly communicate, you might find yourself scratching your head as Mr. Bill Cosby does in this hilarious video.

Question: What are some things you do to avoid poor leadership communication? We would love to hear your comments below. Or at the very least tell us what you thought about the video? Thanks!

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  • Thank you Mike! That was beyond hilarious! She reminded me of the old chicken from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, “why Yeayass!” Great interaction!

  • If you are a crazy fan of Bill Cosby as I am, and don’t think you are, I recommend you Ticketsinventory to get tickets. I’m waiting impatiently to attend his performance! With Bill, I laugh with my senses!

  • Thank you Mike, That was way beyond hilarious; I think I broke a rib! Thank you for making my evening peaceful! Thank you for the motivation to keep going & to never give-up.

  • Great video, hope to use this via some of our social media profiles and accounts.

  • Thanks Mike.
    You should also check out the classic “Who’s on First” routine by Abbott and Costello and the “Dead Parrot” routine by Monty Python. Both are available on You Tube and I use them in my communication module for training Front-line Supervisors: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Supercharged-Supervision/172363616187199

  • I am glad you enjoyed it Dennis and Dave!

  • That was absolutely hilarious! I think we’ve all been in situations like that at one time or another. Thanks for sharing!

  • helen

    oh, my this is hilarious. just go with the flow, she was on a different page.

  • For sure Helen!

  • “without communication we should not do business”

  • This is great, I will use it next week on an influencing workshop, many thanks Mike

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  • john dennan

    Hi Mike,Great clip.I have the same trouble explaining where my home town is to people.Thanks for the share.Bill crosby is a great bloke.I meet him serveral years ago in New Zealand.John

    • Glad you enjoyed it John : ) You are lucky guy to have met. I love him!


  • Srujan

    That was a great one. Absolutely hilarious!

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  • Tammy

    Thank you for posting. This interaction is an example of how recent communication has filtered down for our unit’s current project. This was hilarious.

  • Great video…I will use this in some upcoming workshops. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike.MB

    I wish my boss sees this.

    He is six years younger than me and he takes his position seriously. So serious that he implemented a “daily” meeting. As in daily meeting.

    I was once a leader myself and I don’t think I could never grasp the idea of what brought him to decide that daily meetings is effective.

    One, we are only five in the group including him. Two, we are not managing the construction of an LNG plant by ourselves – we’re like 17,000+ in the workforce.

    Three, for some reason, he assumes we can’t operate on a macro level because the way he gives info to us plenty of times is piece meal.

    It just frustrates me when the person whom I considered to be my protege, has gone way off the track of being a leader who’s loved by his people because of his efficiency, not because he was feared.

    Aww well, I still have seven months to go bearing this.

  • Adrian


    Great video -another good example I use on communication would be the Four Candles sketch by the Two Ronnies (Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker)

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  • I laughed and kept laughing. This is really great. My I link it to my website?


    • Hi Helene, I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, feel free to link : )


  • Carolyn

    This is an excellent example of how mis-communication occurs so innocently. It also highlights the challenges of cultural differences which don’t have to be only half-way around the world. Sometimes they turn out to be next door.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderfully funny “blast from the past” with America’s king of comedy!

    • You are very welcome Carolyn. I am glad you enjoyed it. Communication is so key as a leader and as you point out let’s not forget those half-way around the world or next door. I love Bill Cosby – America’s King of comedy is a good way to describe him : )


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  • This video is extremely amusing- really made my day 🙂 I agree ” it is always a good idea to assume nothing.” As a leader , I make sure my message was clearly understood by being clear about what I want to be accomplished and what output I expect. It is important not only to layout the goals but to discuss expectations. You can delegate this to your manager, by relating specific task of team members and how it relates to the achievement of the goal. At times, at the end of the meeting, I will ask “are they any questions?” to give my team members a cue that they can ask clarifications for vague instructions.

  • Pamela Cournoyer

    This is hysterical! Being a communication consultant, I can use this example a lot. So glad you find these gems Michael!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Pam and can use it as well 🙂 Hope all is well with you.


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