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Positive Leaders Live Longer and 4 Other Benefits…

Be a positive leader and live longer!

Be a Positive Leader!

Perhaps you have heard the brief and very old story of the two salesmen who faced the  same situation, but with a very different perspective.

Years ago the two were sent by a shoe manufacturer in Britain to Africa to assess and report back on the potential market. The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here – nobody is wearing shoes!” The second salesman reported back, “There is huge potential here – nobody is wearing shoes!”

It is my opinion that great leaders see the “huge potential.” If they don’t, how can they possibly inspire and uplift others? One of the most important characteristics of a great leader, is a positive one. Positive leaders bring great energy to an organization. There are huge benefits to being a positive leader. Here are five.

1. Positive leaders live longer. There is a lot of research that comes to the conclusion that positive people in general live happier and longer lives.

2. Positive leaders inspire and motivate people. Have you ever had a leader truly believe in you? There is great power in knowing someone believes in you. It inspires you to meet that persons expectations.

3. Positive leaders make better and quicker decisions. Negative people place road blocks to effective decision-making; positive people on the other hand are more balanced. I love this quote:

“Too often, the opportunity knocks, but by the time you push back the chain, push back the bolt, unhook the two locks and shut off the burglar alarm, it’s too late.” ~Rita Coolidge

4. Positive leaders don’t fear. Fear prevents leaders from doing things they should do. Whether it is a difficult conversation with an employee or a difficult conversation with a boss; if fear is involved that leader will not be as successful. Fear is a result of negative thinking.

5. Positive leaders are more likely to succeed. Positive people draw positive to things to them. Aren’t you more drawn towards positive people rather than negative?

Do you agree? What other benefits come to positive leaders?

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  • Bria Schlottman

    Positive leaders are fun to be around, approachable, and simply more likeable paving the way for collaboration and creative work.

  • Mike Rogers

    Agree Bria! I would rather have a positive leader than a negative one any day, right?

  • Geraldine Bechung

    Mike has a point, being positive makes one live longer especially those vibrating positive altitude all the time, when you are positive you attract only positive things and people. You have peace on mind, body and soul thus attracting love, whether it’s God’s love, common or mutual love makes you feel high spiritually that leads to longer life span. No negative person can ever be a good leader except you want to lead only negative people. When you have a peaceful state of mind you live longer and by doing this, you need to remain positive.

  • Susan Mazzella

    What a terrific discussion. Being positive in all aspects of your life truly does have it’s rewards.


    I agree, what a great discussion. I read this excerpt recently and found it very inspiring and thought I would share.
    Discipline means showing up early, staying late and doing whatever is ethically necessary to get the job done well and on time. Discipline means saying “no” to negative thinking and disempowering actions and saying “yes” to getting involved and being part of the solution. Discipline means going the extra mile, where there is typically less traffic.
    When we act with discipline, we demonstrate care, concern and dependability. We account for ourselves, our teammates and our results.
    I don’t focus on negatives – I invest my emotional energy where it will give me the best return.

  • Mike Rogers

    Thanks Geraldine, Susan and Cynthia for commenting, and I am glad you enjoyed the post.
    I like this quote: “You can think best when you’re happiest” -Peter Thomson
    And when you are happiest it is because you are being positive! Just my belief : ) Have a positive day!

  • theodoros

    excellent stuff as allways congradulations

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