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New way to deal with employee issues? Bob Newhart – Funny Video

Dealing with employee issues

New way of dealing with employee issues?

Let’s face it, no one really likes to deal with employee issues. They are often difficult and complex and some times require the help of a human resource department to fix.

Employee issues run the gamut from personality differences on a team to lack of performance to sexual harassment. Some are fortunate to even have a human resource department to assist. But many are not.

For those managers that are not, or maybe those that are – but would like to solve employee issues quickly – I suggest the following funny video with Bob Newhart. If only it were so easy.

Question: If we dealt with employee issues like this would we ever need a human resource department? Let’s have some fun, let me know what you think by commenting below. And please, as always, feel free to share.

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  • Michael Quinn

    Mike – another great video. Thanks. Sometimes being direct and to the point is best.

  • I am glad you enjoyed it Michael. And I would agree, some times being direct and to the point does work and is best : )

  • Haha… great video. I just finished my I/O Psych degree & this is so applicable to a recent conversation w/fellow grads. Excellent post — good timing.

  • emily b

    Mike, this is a nice one. I wish we all listened.

  • Me too Emily. It could be as easy as “stop it!” I am glad you liked it.

  • glad you like it Paul! Congratulations on completing your degree also : )

  • Stop It! Direct, to the point, action oriented. We all need to train ourselves to communictate like this at times,

    Lou Polur

  • This is a classic video of how to deal with life – ‘We don’t go there’
    Your past does not dictate your future….unless you allow it…so “STOP IT!”

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  • Steve Humphries


    This video is great! It really does put a perspective in to ones life to just “STOP IT!” Although, it is easier said than done. Thanks for sharing!


    • It is easier said than done, but can be done and is a good reminder. Thanks for commenting Steve, it really does put it into perspective.


  • Sandra De Sutter

    Great video- If only it was this easy to just “stop it”. Direct, no explanation needed, to the point. As HR, there are times when these words come to mind…

    • Sandra, that is true. They come to my mind often times as well! Thanks for commenting.


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