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Leaders Develop Leaders Don’t They? I Love This Video!

Leaders develop leaders – They nurture

Leaders Develop Leaders

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook the other day, and I wanted to share it as well.

Tom Peters a best-selling business author once said “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” I love that quote because it gets at the heart of what leadership is really about – developing people.

Whether a mom is feeding her young, a teacher is giving a lesson to first grade students, or a manager is setting goals with an employee – they all have one thing in common. That one thing is a desire for the child, student or employee to succeed; to become more than they realized they could be.

Leaders develop leaders!

This video struck me as not only a beautiful example of nature and motherhood, but also a powerful leadership lesson as well. Watch towards the end when the last little bird leaves the nest. Her job is complete! She doesn’t receive anything but the satisfaction that she did all she could to help each of her young to fly.

What thoughts came to you as you watched this video around leadership and even teamwork?

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  • Jay Schimke

    Powerful, life-affirming, elemental. Thanks so much!

  • TheResumebuilder

    A true leader indeed develops a leader. A good leader sees to it that the people under her will be leaders as well. A good leader can spot those co workers who can be trained as leaders.

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