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Children Leading – Inspirational and Uplifting Video

Brothers Stick Together – Children Leading

Children Leading Series

I have decided to do a new series on our Teamwork and Leadership blog titled “Children Leading.” We have all witnessed the beautiful example of children leading out in our lives.

Many children have showed great courage, tremendous resilience, phenomenal determination and caring. I have had the blessing of witnessing this on a number of occasions.

It is my opinion that children are the closest thing to a pure leader that I know of. Most of the time there is little ego involved and lots of selflessness in much of what they do.

I had watched the clip below on TV one night and was very touched by it. I was always hoping I would find it some day. Well, I found it! It is touching and powerful and a great example of children leading.

Who is the leader in this video? You might think it is the older brother. Watch more of the video and the answer will become clearer. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

“Friends stick together.”

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