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Do What You Say You Will Do – Powerful Story – Video

A Matter of Integrity – Do What You Say You Will Do

Doing what you say you will do is a matter of integrity.

A promise is a promise, right? How do you feel when someone says they will do something, and then they don’t? It is disappointing. That person always loses credibility in my eyes instantly.

It can be something as simple as saying you will make a call on someone’s behalf and then don’t. Or as big as making a promise to always have the team’s back, and then throwing them under the bus.

Commitments and promises are a big thing – always. Every time you do what you say you will do, you are building credibility. Every time you don’t, you are eroding trust much quicker than you could ever build it.

The following powerful video tells the story of Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth President of the United States. President Lincoln was very aware of his own integrity and keeping promises he made. I hope this story has the impact on you that it has had on me.

Question: How important is doing what you say you will do to you? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.

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