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My 3 Favorite, Funniest & Most Popular Communication Videos This Year!

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Communicating With Employees Cartoon

I thought it would be a good idea from time to time to post some of my best of the best videos ever! These three videos I am sharing today deal with communication issues.

You can use them as part of a meeting, presentation or training to highlight the need for good communication on your teams or organization.

The three videos below have received multiple shares – feel free to keep on sharing by either using the social media icons to the left or at the bottom of this post. Thanks friends, and I hope you enjoy these if you haven’t seen them yet.

1. Note: Due to Bill Cosby’s unfortunate, heinous and appalling behavior the video that was here as been removed by Teamwork and Leadership. See below for the other two videos. 

2. Need a video to highlight the need to use proper word choice, tone, clarity and timeliness in your communication as a team or organization? This is it! You will see poor choices made around all four in this hilarious and painful video.

Communicating Effectively? Not! Funny Communication Video

 3. Here is a very funny video on active listening. There are times we just need people to listen.

Really, How Well Do You Listen Leader? Hilarious Communication Video!

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  • Catriona McHardy January 4, 2018, 11:11 am

    I cannot believe that your first on your list of funny videos about power and communication is a Bill Cosby one. I think it is insulting to use his work at this moment in history when women are coming forward, upsetting THEIR lives, in an effort to change the culture. Why would you leave his video up and use his work. It will take a long time to chance the culture with people like you supporting men that have abused and insulted women. Come On!

    • Michael G. Rogers January 4, 2018, 2:06 pm

      Catriona, you are right. That video was posted a number of years ago before Bill Cosby was accused of doing the heinous things he did. I am in no way in support of men who abuse and insult women. In fact I abhor any and all types of behavior that abuses, insults and/or demeans men or women. I have taken the video down. And thank you for bringing it to my attention.


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