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Leadership Development

Leaders Ask This Number One Question

There are a lot of questions leaders can ask themselves and should on a regular basis. But if they could only ask one, I would highly recommend it be this one: "How would I feel following someone like me?" Have you ever thought what it would be like to be led by you? It's a […] Read More

Leadership Development Training Seminars Leadership Class – Boring

Most leaders would agree leadership development is important. I would agree as well, but not the way most of it is trained. Many times leadership training is nothing more than what I like to call "Pay, Spray and Pray." The participant pays to show up. The trainer then sprays what they have to say. And […] Read More

My Number One Management and Leadership Development Course

My #1 course on leadership and management may surprise you. You may not even consider it a leadership training course, but it is. And the reality is some won't take the course because they are afraid and others that do take it may not even pass! It can be the most difficult leadership development ever. […] Read More

Management Training Leadership Training

If you are like me you have attended your fair share of management and leadership training programs over your career. In fact, if you manage managers, you have sent many of them through management training as well. There is one important thing though that isn't discussed much in many of these management/leadership development programs. It […] Read More

Sleeping during boring presentation and PowerPoint.

A couple of weeks ago I posted one of my most popular and read blog postings ever titled, "How Not to Use PowerPoint - Very Funny Video You Can Share." To date we have had 1,593 shares on Facebook alone. I guess PowerPoint is still a sore spot with some. Today I thought you might […] Read More