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Marshmallow Challenge

Find out why kindergartners outperform recent business graduates. Very interesting video. Maybe it is a challenge you might consider creating for your team?

Okay, lite Friday again. Here is a video of team building gone bad in a trust activity. Have you ever had a bad team building experience either as a participant or facilitator?

I have always believed that teams must spend focused time on strengthening relationships between team members.

I had a final job interview many years ago in which this was evident. As is the case with many final job interviews this one was with the team that I would be working with. I believed my interview was going great, but one particular person’s body language told me otherwise. She just blankly stared at me, kind of “freaky” like. When I was being funny, she didn’t laugh. When I was being engaging and looking for agreement, she didn’t nod her head.

Last week we got one of the biggest page views and responses we ever received on our blog to the post “Lack of focus on team rewards and appreciation.” Barrier number six on our top ten list. Today we will discuss obstacle number Seven – “Lack of spending time together as a team.”