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8 Important tips to help you waste time in meetings – Make bad meetings worse!

Bad Meetings – Make Them Worse – Meeting Mistakes

8 Tips to Help you Contribute Effectively to Bad Meetings

Since most of us need time to waste, I thought it would be beneficial to my blogging audience to provide eight tips you must, must, must incorporate into your meetings. They are legend in most meetings and will help you waste as much time as possible, I guarantee it!

Like bad meetings? Then you will like these… Drum roll…

1. Invite everyone. We all need to time to waste, and you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not including them.

However, be careful about inviting people who might try to accomplish something during the meeting.

On the other hand, make sure you invite people who tell good jokes, like to goof around and are generally entertaining.

2. Don’t start the meeting until everyone has arrived. Starting a meeting on time would be rude to those who are late.

Plus starting a meeting late helps everyone feel more comfortable about being late next time, which almost assures you will start the meeting late every time.

3. Never, never, never have an agenda. Agendas create structure that can stifle tangents. Remember, you are striving for bad meetings and boring meetings; not effective meetings.

4. Leaders should do most if not all of the talking. Since the leader knows best, it makes the most sense that he or she talk the most.

5. Only those with “good” ideas should provide them. Anybody who submits a “stupid” idea should be laughed at, mocked and generally spit upon.

6. Give people freedom to “multitask” during meetings. Let everyone know at the start of the meeting that if they need to do other things such as texting, reading email or answering calls to go right ahead. It will make the meeting all the more productive for everyone.

7. Never make assignments. Assignments mean work will need to be done.

8. Never end a meeting on time. Doing so means you didn’t apply items one through seven above!

How do you strive for bad meetings? How do you like to waste time in meetings? We would love to hear your comments below.

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