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Time Management for Leaders

Post on Focus and Priorities

As I was preparing for a recent vacation I had a choice to make. I was going to have a lot of time to read and relax, what should I bring to read? For some, that may not be too difficult of a choice. And in the past it wasn’t a difficult choice for me […] Read more

How to Increase Your Productivity – Best Video I Have Ever Seen on This! post image

One topic I love writing about is time management and how to increase productivity. I came across a video recently that has some really great stuff on how to increase your personal productivity and possibly your teams. I was just sharing a couple of days ago one of a handful of great tips in this […] Read more

Top 3 Time Management Tips – Will Change Your Life

I am sure you have read your share of time management books, attended your share of time management seminars and workshops and have shared your own tips for managing time as well. But how many have you actually continued to use regularly? Time management is simply a matter of discipline. The following three tips are […] Read more

Law of the Harvest – You Reap What You Sow – Happiness and Productivity

There are many things I teach at home and in other leadership capacities I have served in, but the most important thing I believe I have taught, and if people ultimately will get, is amazingly powerful. I have found it has led to greater productivity and happiness in my own life. I can remember growing […] Read more

Stop Procrastinating – The Time is Now – Eat That Frog

The other day I posted “My Personal #1 Time Management Tip That Changed My Life.”  Today I want to share #2. There is an old fable that tells the story of a wild boar who was sharpening his tusks on the trunk of a large tree. A fox who was passing by noticed this and […] Read more