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How to Increase Your Productivity – Best Video I Have Ever Seen on This!

How to Increase Your Productivity – Best Video I Have Ever Seen on This! post image

One topic I love writing about is time management and how to increase productivity. I came across a video recently that has some really great stuff on how to increase your personal productivity and possibly your teams.

I was just sharing a couple of days ago one of a handful of great tips in this short video with two of my sons who are playing high school basketball this year. I always like to say, “to be the best, you can’t practice like the rest.” They used to just roll their eyes and mumble something like, “sure Dad, great, whatever.” But lately they have started listening and it is making a difference.

Practicing is important, but if you don’t value every minute of it you might as well do something else. I would rather see 30 minutes of a productive practice than 4 hours of doing what you see most kids do when “practicing.” Instead, go hard, get a hand in your face, have someone defend you while dribbling two balls, shoot when your legs are tired, go, go go… you get the point.

In the video below one of the tid-bits of great information shared is that world-class musicians practice the same way I have encouraged my kids to practice. They focus on the hardest tasks in a condensed period of time instead of diluting their practice throughout the day.

You are more valuable working on a difficult project for a condensed period of time such as 60-90 minutes than you would by trying to spread it throughout the day. Spreading it throughout the day means more opportunities for distractions like email, the internet, empty water-cooler conversations etc…

Eat that frog instead. Mark Twain said, if you eat a live frog every morning, nothing worse would happen to you the rest of the day. So in a condensed and focused period of time, call that difficult client, have that hard conversation with an employee, start that project you dread – do those things that will give you the most bang for your buck and start now.

Watch the video, you will see what I mean 🙂 It’s powerful stuff in only three minutes.

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