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My #1 Leadership Secret for Greater Productivity and Happiness

Law of the Harvest – You Reap What You Sow – Happiness and Productivity

There are many things I teach at home and in other leadership capacities I have served in, but the most important thing I believe I have taught, and if people ultimately will get, is amazingly powerful. I have found it has led to greater productivity and happiness in my own life.

I can remember growing up believing that there were a number of quick ways to become successful. If I could just read the right book, sign up for the right course, or shell out enough money for the latest and greatest “get rich scheme” I would quickly and to a point effortlessly fall into success.

Boy was I wrong. I have dramatically changed my direction of thinking since, and thank goodness! What I have come to realize is simple – the more I pour my heart into something, the more success I will have in it.

It’s often referred to as the “Law of the Harvest.” If I never sow a seed, I won’t ever reap a harvest. And even if I sow the seed, but neglect to nurture it, I won’t reap much.

If I want to lose weight, then I better set a goal and work hard to achieve it. If I want to have a better relationship with my wife I better commit to it and work really hard towards it. If I want to be a great leader, I better understand what that means, learn as much as I can and then apply what I have learned.

However, if I fail to plant a good seed, the result will be bad fruit or even worse no fruit. If the seed is bad from the beginning, my efforts will be in vain. If I plant the right seed, but fail to nurture it, it will also result in bad fruit or no fruit.

The planting of a bad seed can include misaligned priorities, bad intentions, a lack of commitment and unstructured goals. Poor nurturing includes things such as distractions and an overall  lack of discipline and focus.

I know it is simple, but it is powerful! Once we truly grasp this we can be as successful as we want to be. Here are three simple things that I have personally found helpful in reaping a more bountiful harvest; though I am continually working on my gardening skills as I believe most of you are as well 🙂

1. Set Goals. This is something everyone knows they should do, but how many actually do it? My experience has been not many. Three things that are important to successful goal setting includes being specific, ensuring that goals are measurable and that there are clear completion dates.

2. Develop Yourself. Once you have set your goals, then it is important to understand how to accomplish them. I can’t learn to play the piano without some type of instruction – either self-study or with an instructor. If I want to lose weight it is important that I understand the right foods to eat. If I want to be a great leader, it is to my advantage to attend the right training and read a number of good books on the topics, and then apply what I learn.

3. Persevere and Learn. Perseverance is the ability to discipline ones-self and learn from mistakes. Accomplishing great things requires both. There won’t be a bountiful garden without lots of sweat and learning.

There is no easy way to success either as a leader, parent or self. It requires perspiration, perspective and perseverance. The magic ingredient is in your ability to realize and fully commit yourself to the harvest. Once you come to really want the fruit, you will plant the right seeds and provide proper nurturing  and persevere towards it.

Question: What is your secret? What have you seen others do that has helped them be successful? Please scroll down and comment below. Thanks!

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