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Very funny leader manager and team joke.

Who do you value most on your teams? Your leaders and managers? I found this joke the other day and hope you find it of value in sharing with others. My guess is many would say their managers are most important, right? Their pay reflects it, doesn’t it? You might be wrong. The punchline in […] Read more

4 Reasons You Must Take a Nap Daily – Listen Up Leaders (+Video) post image

Listen up leaders, I understand that sleeping on the job is never a good idea. But taking a regular break once a day and napping is a positive practice and every leader should encourage it. Of course¬†napping is not convenient for most of us. But wise leaders understand the power and benefits of naps. Did […] Read more

Watch The Power of This 15-Month-Old Leader – Fun Video post image

You wouldn’t think a 15-month-old could have the influence to control 500 boys at a camp. But this one does. Once this baby leader figures out how to get others to follow him, it’s not so difficult. Aren’t we all trying to figure out ways to get others to follow us? Once we do, much […] Read more

Performance Management System – Employee Appraisal

This is hilarious and got me thinking. Is there an idea here for a performance management system of some type? I have to think so. If this kind of car alarm can deter criminals, could we create some kind of employee performance system like it to deter poor work choices and behavior? Would it be […] Read more

Laughter at work relieves stress

Did you know that laughter lowers blood pressure, boost your immune system, reduces stress hormones and improves alertness, memory, productivity and creativity? So should we laugh more at work? Absolutely! With stress in the workplace becoming a real problem for many companies and employers, we all need to laugh and have more fun at work! […] Read more