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Very Funny Video: Need an Employee Performance Management System?

Performance Management System – Employee Appraisal

This is hilarious and got me thinking. Is there an idea here for a performance management system of some type? I have to think so.

If this kind of car alarm can deter criminals, could we create some kind of employee performance system like it to deter poor work choices and behavior?

Would it be possible to create an “empathetically programmed” employee performance management system like “Terii” that seems to know employees well enough to deter them from bad choices now and in the future? Managing employee performance and mistakes would be a breeze!

Think about it, when a problem employee procrastinates on an important project and instead decides to entertain himself on the internet for a few hours the performance management system could provide the following feedback (in an automated voice), “Are you sure that’s the best use of your time?”

If the employee ignores the warning the next level of feedback could be, “Tell me again why you told your boss you were up to your eyeballs in work?

And if he decided to ignore that warning he would receive the following, “I have just sent a note with your browsing history to your boss telling her you have nothing to do.”

What about using Terii in meetings? I think she would be a big hit in board rooms across the world. When people show up late to the meeting she could ask, “Can you tell each of us why we had to be on time and you didn’t?”

When the meeting doesn’t end on time you might hear, “Someone running this meeting feels their time is more important than others.” If the meeting continues Terii would say, “Fire drill! Everyone exit at once.”

What other things could an employee management system like Terii do for managing performance? Would love to hear your comments below.

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