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What Matters Most? Leadership Lessons – 3 Short Powerful Videos

Leadership Lessons – What Matters Most – Family

I have been reflecting a lot this week on what matter’s most. I am probably not unlike you in many ways in doing that from time to time.

I have been the recipient of many leadership lessons – primarily in my own home. Of all the lessons on leadership I have learned, prioritizing my life to ensure I am spending time with those that matter most has been very challenging at times, but yet some of the most rewarding life experiences I have ever had. It could be said however that I am still learning.

I came across a few videos the other day that I believe would serve all leaders/parents in the home very well.

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope you will see the leadership lesson in each of the videos below. They could have a big impact on not just your life, but the lives of the most important followers you lead – your family!

Please spend the time watching. Then spend the time doing 🙂

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