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Funny Leadership Videos

Ineffective conference call meetings face to face.

We are all on them way too much. They are the dreaded, multitasking, technical issues ridden ineffective conference calls. Have you ever wondered what one might look like if you were meeting face to face? Tripp and Tyler do a great job in demonstrating that in the funny video below. From the annoying beep every time […] Read more

Poor Presentation Skills and Bad Training

How would you like a few solids tips on how not to present or train? The following video is perfect and pretty accurate in presentation and training “don’ts.” Unfortunately I have witnessed these bad presentation practices in about 95% of the training and presentations I have attended over the years. How about you? You might […] Read more

Funny Job Interview Videos

Finding the right person to fill a position you have open can be challenging. However, if you do it right it can make everyone’s jobs a lot easier. Hiring tough and managing easy is the key. What would you do if a job applicant who was applying for a customer service position told you that […] Read more

3 Funny Communication Videos – Share at Your Next Staff Meeting post image

Effective communication in the workplace isn’t always that easy. Here are three hilarious communication videos that you can share at your next team meeting. Each short video highlights how communication at work can go so bad at times. Effective Workplace Communication Video #1 Use the right communication tool. With so many choices (e.g., phone, email, […] Read more

Watch The Power of This 15-Month-Old Leader – Fun Video post image

You wouldn’t think a 15-month-old could have the influence to control 500 boys at a camp. But this one does. Once this baby leader figures out how to get others to follow him, it’s not so difficult. Aren’t we all trying to figure out ways to get others to follow us? Once we do, much […] Read more