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What Would a Conference Call Look Like Face to Face? Very Funny Video!

Ineffective conference call meetings face to face.

We are all on them way too much. They are the dreaded, multitasking, technical issues ridden ineffective conference calls. Have you ever wondered what one might look like if you were meeting face to face?

Tripp and Tyler do a great job in demonstrating that in the funny video below. From the annoying beep every time someone joins, to the constant interruptions, people forgetting to press mute, others not being able to connect, dogs barking in the background and people needing the question repeated because they aren’t paying attention – it’s really funny to see this played out face to face.

If your like me, you know each of these conference call distractions all too well. It’s amazing we accomplish anything on these meetings! And no matter how many times we see conference call spoofs like this, we shake our heads and laugh each and every time – because we relate.

What’s amazing about the video below is how seeing the same type of behavior we see on a conference call via the telephone is somehow magnified dramatically when watching it happen face to face – though I could argue, as I am sure you could, that the same behavior is demonstrated face to face – it just looks a little different 🙂 So enjoy!

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