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My #1 Annoying Conference Call Meeting Tip – It works every time!

annoying conference call

Want to annoy your telephone conference call participants? Here is a great conference call meeting tip.

Okay, are you looking to annoy the heck out of some of your telephone conference call meeting participants? What the heck, right? We all love to annoy conference call participants through phenomenal facilitating. At least that has been my experience on the thousands of calls I have had the fortune of wasting my time on.

So here is the tip. But this only works if you have someone in the room with you while you are facilitating the conference call meeting. Drum roll…

Please, by all means, make sure when you are facilitating the call that you only talk to those in the room, forget about the people on the call. In other words, ignore those on the call. It’s that simple! Here are five simple ways to let the folks on the call know you are ignoring them and only care about those in the room with you.

1) Laugh real loud while someone is talking and encourage others to do the same.

2) Ensure you have a participant in the room who has a cold and feels the need to constantly cough into the speaker phone. It works like a gem.

3) Make sure your voice is low enough that only those in the room can hear you. You might even want to whisper for effect.

4) Make it clear that people in the room should feel free to interrupt each other while others try to make their point.

5) And finally, make sure you get annoyed if someone on phone ask you to repeat a question or point.

So you get it, right? If you can ignore those on the call you will ensure that not only you annoy them, but that you also confuse, disengage and waste their time. That’s our objective with meetings any ways, right?

What other wonderful tips do you have? Please share, this should be fun.

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