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Two Fun and Funny Job Interviews (Videos)

Funny Job Interview Videos

Finding the right person to fill a position you have open can be challenging. However, if you do it right it can make everyone’s jobs a lot easier. Hiring tough and managing easy is the key.

What would you do if a job applicant who was applying for a customer service position told you that the thing they would hate most about the job is dealing with people?

What would you do if a job applicant told you she was a people person, not a numbers person, in her interview for an accounting position?

What would you do if you found posters of one of your applicants all over the company parking lot campaigning for a job? Or saw that an applicant put up a billboard with his qualifications across from your office.

And what would you do if a guy who forgot to wear dark socks with his suit for the interview, colored his ankles with a black felt-tip marker?

Each of the above accounts really happened. Choices like these make it a lot easier to weed out the worse job candidates for sure. I am fairly certain you probably have a story or two you could tell.

The following two job interview videos are hilarious. We thought you might enjoy them as we have.

Job Interview Video #1

This is a really creative skit of total job interview manipulation. Watch and see who the real winner is.

Job Interview Video #2

One of the challenges of job interviews is trying to figure out what the interviewer is wanting in terms of a response. This is hilariously taken to the extreme.

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