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2 Funny Videos – Serious Business Consequences to Judging too Quickly

Slow Down Serious Business Consequences

There can be grave business consequences for those who hastily judge. As a follow-up to a popular video post I did titled “Ever Jump to Conclusions?” I found these two video gems. Both are commercials put out by the same company.

I am sure you have had one of those situations where things appeared one way, but were entirely different than what they appeared. I have. And I am sure you have found yourself in a situation where others quickly judged you way too fast.

Whether you are a leader of a team, a leader in your home, or a leader at church or wherever, the best thing you can do is seek to understand first before jumping to conclusions. I have personally seen my share of negative leadership and business consequences when leaders don’t seek to understand first. One of the biggest leadership consequences is a lost of trust.

Note: I am finding that many of you enjoy sharing these with your teams to facilitate discussions or just to have a laugh. Others are finding value in using them in training. So I have decided to keep posting these as I find them. If you have any videos that you would like to share, please let me know. Thanks friends!

Video Clip #1

Video Clip #2

What are the potential leadership and business consequences of hastily rushing to judgment that you have seen? Do you agree it is always bad practice? Please comment below.

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