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Big Leadership Implications – Ever Jump to Conclusions? – Funny Video

Important Leadership Implications – Don’t jump to conclusions – Be careful

Important Leadership Implications – Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Have you ever had one of those situations where things weren’t as they appeared? This funny video is the perfect demonstration of that! And though the video is funny and meant to be lighthearted, it does have leadership implications for all of us.

We ought to think before we jump to conclusions and judge too quickly. It is better to assume positive intent as a leader until you know differently. Leaders who jump to conclusions behave in ways that are not healthy for their teams, just as the actions of the guy in this video led to things that were not healthy for his relationship.

My experience has been that the worse time to comment is when we feel like commenting the most. The best thing to do is to seek to understand first. Once you have taken a deep breath and understand, that is the time to react. Otherwise you may end up looking foolish.

My advice is to sit on it, rest on it or leave it.

Questions: What do you think? Did you enjoy the video? Do you see the leadership implications? I would love to hear your comments.

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Important leadership implications. Leaders must be careful not to jump to conclusions.