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Inspiring Leadership Story! Watch What This Quiet Leader Does – Video

Inspiring Leadership Story! Watch What This Quiet Leader Does – Video post image

You can spend hours in leadership training, but in the 2 minutes and 23 seconds of watching this video you will learn more about effective leadership than a number of management courses you could take or leadership books you might read.

Seriously, is leadership really that difficult?

This quiet leader may not be considered a leader in the traditional sense, but he has had an amazing influence on hundreds of lives in the last 66+ years by doing something fairly simple.

The reality is this retired man from Ohio probably even gets more from his service than those he is serving. But isn’t that how it works many times?

What will you learn after watching this leadership video? Here are five I can think of.

1. Caring about people and even loving them is a critical, if not the most critical element to effective leadership.

2. Leadership is not only about leading large and small organizations and moving them to greater productivity. There are quiet leaders like the man in this video who are also leaders and impact people’s lives in important and very personal ways.

Can we have a similar influence on people when leading organizations? Absolutely.

3. Leadership doesn’t have to be that difficult, but it does require understanding, patience and being personal. Are you doing the little things to make a difference?

4. Leading doesn’t have to stop at retirement. If you inspire people, make them happy and motivate them a little, then you are a leader. That can happen at any age, whether you are five or 95.

5. Leadership can help us live a long life 🙂 When we serve and lead, we are happier and have more of a purpose. Happiness means less stress and a longer life.

What would you add to the lessons learned above? Please comment below.

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