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Heartwarming Leadership Video – Are You This Kind of Leader?

Effective Leaders – Leadership Video

You will love this Leadership Video!

Effective leadership is often seen through the lens of the business and in results, not the heart. And while a leader’s heart and subsequent influence can’t be adequately measured, it can be seen.

Leaders who care create greater loyalty. People easily gravitate towards such leaders. And the more they care, the more the people they lead care too.

They aren’t just simply focused on getting the job done to avoid a poor end of the year evaluation. They are focused on helping those who lead succeed because they care about them.

Pure leaders never expect anything in return. They just simply go about their lives changing others. In the process these quiet leaders have no idea the influence they are having on others lives, but they are – in miraculous ways.

This video highlights one such leader. And while the video is most likely fiction, it drives home a significant point; the most important measure of a successful leader is the impact he or she has on others lives. And such leaders don’t need to lead large organizations or even teams, they can be great leaders just by simply caring about others in their community.

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