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My Favorite Leadership & Management Development Course Ever! Surprise!

My Number One Management and Leadership Development Course

My #1 course on leadership and management may surprise you. You may not even consider it a leadership training course, but it is.

And the reality is some won’t take the course because they are afraid and others that do take it may not even pass! It can be the most difficult leadership development ever. And most of the time an instructor or coach doesn’t even show up.

What am I talking about? I call this leadership and management course “FAILURE.” And the only way you can sign up for the training is to experience it.

Learning from our mistakes is not only the best way to learn, but the quickest as well. We need to get over failure being such a bad thing. Leaders who embrace development understand it is critical in both their leadership development and those they lead.

I always tell my children (all eight of them), that every shot they miss, every pass that isn’t accurate, or each question they miss on a test, is just an opportunity to learn. True failure only occurs when we quit.

Leaders don’t quit however. Failure and quitting can’t be an option. Perseverance is the best response to failure and a top quality of successful leaders.

In addition to quitting is the fear of failure. Taking the easiest route isn’t always the best. Leaders have to have courage and do what is best, not what is easiest. Doing what you feel is best means you may fail, but if you do, it just means you are learning. To quit however means you have failed the course.

The best leaders know that their success hinges on a series of decisions and those decisions have risks. You may be right, you might be wrong, but the important thing is that you decide. Each decision brings with it an opportunity to learn in a very real and personal way.

Mistakes won’t be forgotten and can be applied to the next decision and decisions after that until eventually you are making many more good decisions than bad. That doesn’t come without making your share of mistakes, especially as a young or new leader.

As you continue to learn in this “life” Leadership and Management training course, those you lead are more successful as a result. Through your own personal mistake you can coach others on how to avoid them. Therefore what you have learned is multiplied over and over again.

I hope if you haven’t already, that you will soon find failing to be your best leadership development ever.

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