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Inspirational Leaders – What 5 Things do They Have in Common?

Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational people are the staple of great things. People’s lives are inspired by people. There isn’t one of us who has done great things that hasn’t been influenced by someone else great.

As a leader are you having a positive influence on someone’s life? Leadership is about inspiring. Here are five things inspirational leaders have in common.

1. They Are Vision Minded. Without a vision leaders are simply trying to drive from the back of the bus, not the front. A strong leadership vision creates a cause that others can rally around and are inspired to move towards.

2. They Are Caring. If you have followed my blog at all you know I like to say if you are a leader and you don’t care, then you ought not to lead – period! Leaders love those they lead and care deeply about them. They show that they care by expressing, rewarding and being tough as needed.

When others know you genuinely care, they will go to the moon for you, or at least give a really good effort.

3. They Are Confident and Courageous. When difficult things need to be done, these inspirational leaders do it. Not because it is easy, but because it is the right thing to do. Integrity is not only something talked about, but practiced in every facet of their life.

4. They Are Believing. Everyone needs a pep talk from time to time. Leaders who inspire get this and deliver it in buckets. And they really do believe in those they lead, it’s refreshing.

These types of leaders actively look for others doing things right. They choose to focus on the strengths of others, not weaknesses.

5. They Are Master Storytellers. Inspirational leaders have a remarkable ability to motivate others through a variety of stories. They are masters at selling visions and ideas and have a unique way at looking at things based off of theirs and others failures, triumphs, longings and histories.

These inspiring leaders know how to tell stories that get to your heartstrings that draw out emotions and create new ways of thinking.

Question: Are you inspiring? What else have you observed in inspirational leaders? 

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