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Leadership and Love – The Perfect Combo! You Will Love This Video

Free Hugs Love and Leadership

I found this inspirational leadership video gem the other day. This is a story about Tim who is the phenomenal owner of the restaurant, Tim’s Place.

What makes it all so very special is that Tim has Down Syndrome and is the only known owner of a restaurant with this disability. You will see why it is pretty easy to fall in love with this leader.

What’s his restaurants focus? Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs. Pretty simple? Of course! But leadership really isn’t that complicated anyways, is it?

This video is one of those “Wow” types of experiences. After watching this I don’t think any leader has an excuse as to why they can’t achieve great things. Desire, passion and most importantly love go a long ways in leading.

My focus on this leadership blog has always been about caring. Leaders should care or they shouldn’t lead. Tim cares… he cares deeply.

What can we learn from Tim? Watch this and let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Thanks friends!

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