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The Attitude of Gratitude and the Power of Just Saying “Thank You.”

Thank You Attitude of Gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US and the Holidays of Christmas and New Years around the world, I have reflected a lot recently on the power of gratitude and thanks. I have decided to highlight three popular posts from the past on thankfulness. I hope you enjoy – there is great power in the attitude of gratitude!

1. Inspirational Teamwork Story – Something to think about…

Here is one of our most popular postings ever. Need a story to help your team cultivate more of the attitude of gratitude with each other? Based on a true story of a jet fighter pilot who had failed to recognize who had packed his parachute many years ago after being shot down in war. Listen to how a chance encounter years later gives this pilot a very different perspective on who packs each of our parachutes.

2. How Leaders Can Develop an Attitude of Gratitude and Sleep Better Too!

In this post you learn three specific ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Want to sleep better? Try counting these more than sheep next time – it really works!

3. Be a Grateful Leader – Thank You and You’re Welcome Goes a Long Ways!

Written by one of our guest bloggers Gayle Lasalle, this post was a hit with many of you. One of the stories Gayle shares is about a time she was having lunch with her 3-year old Granddaughter and her mom. The Granddaughter noticed that after saying “thank you,” to the waiter, he failed to acknowledge her with a “you’re welcome.” The point Gayle makes is if a 3-year old can take notice of this, you can bet others will as well.

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