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How Long Has It Been? Importance of Appreciation and Gratitude

Importance of Appreciation and Gratitude

The Importance of Appreciation and Gratitude

eHow posted an article that talks about the importance of appreciation and how to show it titled, “How to Show Appreciation in Personal Relationships.“ It states that “No matter how much people appreciate those important to them, they often do not show their appreciation. Even if deep down people know they are appreciated, a sign of appreciation is always a thoughtful gesture. It often does not take much to show someone they are appreciated, it just takes deciding to do it and
deciding how to do it.”

I’m assuming that if you and I were to play “schedule compare” we would both be amazed at the duties, appointments,and obligations we have to complete each day, week and month. In short, we are all busy. Many of us are just too busy. So much so that we are likely burning the candle at both ends and even in the middle from time to time.

So, what’s my point? We allow this time maze of urgent, as soon as possible, important, ASAP demands to keep us from sharing appreciation to those who truly deserve it. It is easy to think, “They know I appreciate them,” or “I pay them so why should I have to say it,” or even “I told her when I married her I loved her… and when it changes I will let her know!”

I took a step several years ago to keep me from falling into the “blame” trap for not expressing appreciation. It just might work for you. Especially if you have ever heard of a brand of Chili called, “Wolf Brand Chili.”

One evening I heard a commercial on TV advertising “Wolf Brand Chili.” The commercial went something like, “Neighbor, how long has it been since you had a big, thick, steaming bowl of Wolf Brand Chili? Well, that’s too long!” The primary point was to bring those fond memories to the forefront and to ignite your taste buds to that familiar smooth chili flavor. In short, you would immediately do something to satisfy that longing.

Now, I guess I’m a little different in my thinking. I took this phrase and have successfully used it to help me address, in a positive way, my issue of not expressing appreciation.

I choose to use the commercial as follows: “Neighbor, how long has it been since you told someone you appreciated them?” And you know what I always find? The response is the same as the TV commercial: “Well, that’s too long!”

I bought a can of “Wolf Brand Chili” and placed it on my office desk. Each week I see it and schedule a time to focus on expressing appreciation to others. Sometimes I send cards, other times I call them on the phone, once in a while I walk down to their office and just chat and let them know how important they are too me. It’s not so much how I do it, but that I set aside the time and just DO IT!

So, I end this narrative with “THE” question to you, Neighbor, how long has it been since you told someone you appreciated them? And I bet your response is just like mine. “Well, that’s too long!” So, don’t just sit there… now is as good a time as any! “DO IT!”

Do you believe in the importance of appreciation with those you lead? What ways do you show it?

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