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5 Important Tips – How to Care More as a Leader

How to care more as a leader.

Leaders Need to Care More

What leader would you rather have? One who really cares, or one who doesn’t? I would assume the answer to that question is pretty obvious to most. If you ever had a leader who didn’t care you know how difficult it can be to follow.

Great leaders know how to care more. They get it! Here are five important tips to help you become that type of leader…

1. Serve. Think about the last time someone did something nice for you. How did you feel? If you are like most, you never forgot the nice deed and the “likability” of that person who served you increased. You felt different about them.

Leaders are servants. Try asking someone you lead next time “What can I do to better serve you?” It is a very different question than, “What do you need from me?” Our job as leaders is to support and help those we lead shine.

2. Listen. Have you ever talked to someone and got the sense that they weren’t listening or didn’t even care about what you were saying? Great leaders listen!

There are at least two benefits to listening as a leader. The first is the potential to hear something important. The second, is in the message it sends that you want to listen – or in other words, that you care.

Note: Make sure your body language, facial expressions and eyes say that you are listening as well.

3. Smile. When someone genuinely smiles at you, what do you feel? When leaders smile, others feel they care. A smile says you are more approachable as well.

In addition research shows smiling improves your mood, which those you lead do take notice of.

4. Be Positive. How does it make you feel when someone finds the positive in you? Everybody has some good in them. Leaders have an important obligation to find it in those they lead and point it out.

5. Be Grateful. How does gratitude make you feel? It doesn’t take a lot of effort to say thank you, but unfortunately some don’t make an effort at all.

Gratitude is at the heart of a humble leader. What are you doing to express it those you lead?

What other tips on how to care more about those you lead do you have? Have the above tips worked for you or leaders you have known?

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