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Time Management for Leaders

Clocks – Time Management Tip – Choices

There are hundreds of time management programs with thousands of time management tips, but all of them are a waste if you don’t discipline yourself to make good choices. There are a number of time management tools, however they are all a waste of time if you don’t make good choices. Most of us have […] Read more

Messsy Desk – Need to Organize Desk

Messy Desk? Clean Desk? Organized Desk? Does your messy desk look like something out of the reality TV show “Hoarders?” Do you tell people your messy desk is an organized desk? Is your clean desk really that organized? I have seen it all, as I am sure you have, from people with the messiest desk […] Read more

Voicemail Etiquette Leaders

An area of concern for me as of late has been voicemail etiquette. It is tiring enough to wade through the hoard of telemarketers, but it is also equally frustrating to have to try to discern who is calling, why they are calling and where I can reach them. Good voicemail etiquette can help all of us be more productive.

Waste time at work, time management,

Do you have a need to waste lots of time at work? Most of us are on the lookout for a tip or two from time to time, right?

Email time management tips that work

Once in awhile I get asked, “Mike, what do I do about managing the thousands of emails I have in my in-box? My response is simple. I say, “Try this some time.”