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Is Yours a Messy Desk, Clean Desk or Organized Desk? – Top 6 Tips

Messsy Desk – Need to Organize Desk

Messy Desk? Clean Desk? Organized Desk?

Does your messy desk look like something out of the reality TV show “Hoarders?” Do you tell people your messy desk is an organized desk? Is your clean desk really that organized?

I have seen it all, as I am sure you have, from people with the messiest desk imaginable and who can find whatever they need in 15 seconds flat to desks that would make Martha Stewart remark with envy, but drawers and shelves with so much stuffed in them that they border on a fire hazard.

Messy, cluttered and especially unorganized desks and workspaces are bad for both productivity and energy. And while some might think a cluttered unorganized desk and workspace makes them look busy, most would agree that it makes them just look… sloppy, if not less productive.

A study conducted by Brother International and reported by CNBC found that $177 Billion a year is lost in America due to spending time searching the office for lost items.

Clearing the clutter and organizing your desk and workspace can create a positive surge of energy. Most of us just feel better when we are clean and organized.

It seems logical that anyone who has to make decisions (which includes almost anyone with a desk) who is sitting in a clean workspace is going to do better. I personally believe that a cluttered desk and office is the direct physical manifestation of a cluttered mind. And I don’t think anyone would argue that an uncluttered mind is better at making decisions.

So, here are six tips to help you have and maintain a cleaner desk and workspace.

1. Eat somewhere else besides your desk. Grease smudged on your desk, crumbs on the keyboard, forgotten drink cups and burger wrappers are not only unsanitary, but ugly!

2. Throw out the tchotchkes! Tchotchkes are the cheap free stuff you get at conferences and in the mail from companies that include low-budget pens, stress balls, paper weights, mouse pads etc…  You can see them on almost virtually every desk across the world and they add to what I like to call the “cheap clutter look.”

3. Keep electronics off the desk. A huge distraction for most of us are the electronics that rule our lives.  Whether that be a personal smart phone or iPad, you are better off moving them somewhere else so you can focus on the task at hand instead of checking personal text and email messages.

4. Only keep those books, binders and papers on your desk that you use on a daily basis. Others will need to be put in cabinets, on bookshelves or thrown in the trash.

5. Set a cup, pot or container on top of your desk for desk items you use daily such as pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, rulers etc… Wonder why you can’t find a pen? When done with one of these items, put it back where you got it from.

6. To build on tip #6, when you are done with something, put it back. This seems like the simplest tip, but how are you doing? Most of us struggle with this tip the most. However, it is the most sure way to keep your desk and workspace clean isn’t it?

Question: What way do you prevent a messy desk and workspace? What other tips would you add to having a clean desk? Please comment below.

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