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Leadership Stories Series

Do You CARE to Lead? Personal Leadership Story post image

If you don’t deeply care about those you lead, you shouldn’t lead. One of the most powerful lessons that I learned about leadership was taught by two of my children when they were very young. Kelli was five and Jeffy was two. Both of them were very afraid of the dark, like many children at […] Read more

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Servant Leaders Unite, Not Divide – Inspiring Leadership Story

The story is told of a wise Sunday school teacher who brought a set of very large clear plastic bags for her class. She told them they were going to play a game…

Leadership Story of Dying Tree – Leaders – It is About the Small Things

Leadership story about paying attention to the seemingly small things There is a story told by the late American Pastor Harry Emerson Fosdick that has strong leadership implications. He tells about how in the mountains of Colorado lies the ruins of a gigantic tree which had stood for hundreds of years. It was a seedling […] Read more

The #1 Way To Ostracize Yourself from Your Team – Personal Story post image

Beware of Blacklisting Yourself from Your Team I once worked with a team not too many years ago which consisted of managers who led different teams and organizations across the company. This particular team unfortunately became completely fed up with one of their teammates. Meeting after meeting this teammates only concern was spotlighting herself, her […] Read more

Leaders… Don’t Fail to PROPERLY Delegate – Funny Story and 3 Tips post image

“Great leaders properly and easily delegate, poor leaders make delegation harder than it is.” Once upon a time a brand new hotel employee was asked to clean the elevators and report back to his supervisor once the task had been completed. The end of the day came and the employee never reported back. The supervisor […] Read more