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Gratitude Changes Everything in your Leadership

Difficult times require extraordinary leadership. Leaders across the world are having to step up in ways that they have never imagined before. Putting care into the front seat of your leadership has never been more important than it is now. Those you lead need to know that you still care about them and are there […] Read more

Listen Leaders – Are you Listening? Video and Practical Tips post image

Is building trust, strengthening communication and improving relationships important for you as a leader? Of course. So listen… I mean really listen to those you lead. The quickest way to erode trust with those you lead is to fail to listen. Why would they ever come to you if they felt like you didn’t […] Read more

Teamwork FAILS Without This One Thing – Teamwork Story post image

There is something big that leaders often get backwards with their teams as it relates to teamwork and many times they don’t ever get it right. But you must get it right if teamwork is important to you and your team. The Pig and the Chicken – Teamwork Story One sunny day a pig and […] Read more

Care about those you lead. Story of Leadership

Leadership Story In a Gallup survey, when employees were asked whether their supervisor or anyone else at work cared about them, only 4 out of 10 strongly agreed with that statement. That lack of caring is startling. If you fail to care about those you lead, they will eventually fail to care about you, the […] Read more

3 Simple Ways to Connect with Those You Lead – Story post image

Last month my wife and I had the opportunity to relax and unwind along the Pacific Coast on a cruise. We later discovered that we were on the Princess Cruises Entertainer of the Year ship. For seven days we were entertained by the best Princess had to offer – talk about lucky! While we were […] Read more