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Gossip and Rumor Training Video – What Lack of Communication in the Workplace Can Create

Not too long ago I blogged about how gossip is a great poison to teamwork (you can view that post by clicking here). I want to blog today about how gossip and rumors are usually the result of poor leadership. That’s right, poor leadership.

Gossip and rumors not only hurts individuals, but it also affects staff morale. Gossip and rumors are usually the result of someone not having all of the facts. In many organizations there is a lack of clear communication. Sooner or later employees will see or hear some things that worry them. Maybe they see all of the senior leaders gathering together to meet at a time they don’t usually meet. Maybe there has been speculation in the press about the financial nose dive the company they work for is heading for. Whatever the signs are, it is very natural for employees to begin to try to fill in the gaps they have. And when they talk to each other and try to fill in the gaps, it usually becomes worse and that’s when rumors begin.

Once rumors begin, employees will become anxious and morale can plummet. Clear communication from leaders is the key. Companies and leaders that purposely work on communicating clearly and honestly have a better chance of easing stress and worry among staff in difficult times.

I think you will enjoy the following old (1958) and fun video titled “The Grapevine.” It is an old supervisor training video, but very relevant to issues in the workplace today. You might want to use this to train your staff. I will have it available in the near future for download. If you would like to be notified when this video is ready for download, go to my video page and subscribe to our video updates at

As you watch this video, who do you think is more to blame, the leader or the “girls” in the office? Note: This video would make you believe that women are the only ones that gossip and spread rumors, but we all know men are just as guilty. This video is a product of its time. But the points are still valid.

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