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Leaders make mistakes – do you admit them? 3 reasons you should.

Oops – Leaders Make Mistakes

Did you know leaders make mistakes?

Important newsflash: leaders make mistakes! Okay, maybe not news to you, and    certainly not news to me either. But how many actually admit they make mistakes? My experience has shown that some leaders admit it; some don’t. When leaders make mistakes they have everything to gain by admitting them. When they don’t, they have plenty to lose.

But that is difficult for some, why? It’s kind of a “human thing” to appear better than what you really are. However, that can be a big mistake. Here are three reasons to start admitting your mistakes the next opportunity you have.

1. You build trust. Leaders who admit mistakes build trust. In fact it is a real quick way to build trust. Admitting your mistakes demonstrates that you are human and endears people to you.

2. You gain respect. Leaders that admit mistakes show that they take accountability for their actions. In a world of leaders that make excuses, try to point the finger at someone else or lie, it is a breath of fresh air to have one that does none of that.

3. You learn. If a leader doesn’t believe he or she ever makes mistakes, how can he or she learn from them. Leaders ought to embrace mistakes and learn from them.

Are there any of you out there who make mistakes and admit them? What benefits have you seen? Please comment below. Let’s talk. Thanks!

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