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Powerful Team Story (Video) – Does Your Team Embrace Its Diversity?

Diversity on Teams and In Organizations

Team diversity can’t be overlooked as a big advantage. If you are someone who likes working on teams of people just like you, that may be a big mistake.

Research and studies show that team diversity is a good thing. For example, a study talked about on NPR showed that research papers written by multicultural teams are cited more often in other research than those written by homogeneous teams.

Why? It’s simple; diverse teams bring different perspectives, skills and talents to the table.

The best leaders understand that diversity on their teams is powerful. After all, think about what the world would be like if everyone was exactly the same. Not only would it be uninteresting, but not very creative either.

Are you embracing diversity on your teams and in your organizations? Do you purposely hire diverse talent? Do you allow others to disagree with your ideas? Is there a culture of healthy and productive conflict on your teams?

Do you consciously try to identify and strengthen the uniqueness of each team member? Does your team appreciate its own diversity and uniqueness?

The following video powerfully demonstrates why all members of a team should embrace what they bring. Just like variety is the spice of life, uniqueness is the catalyst to greatness on teams.

If you would like to share this video with your team(s) or to use it in a meeting, presentation or training – you can purchase and download the video and discussion guide by clicking here. Note: The discussion guide includes activities in addition to discussion questions you can use with your team(s) to help them enhance their appreciation of diversity on teams.

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