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Aesop fable

Teamwork Story – Diversity

The following teamwork story illustrates the need for every member of the team regardless of their differing talents and gifts. It is a powerful reminder of why leaders and team members must embrace diversity. Have you ever heard of the Aesop Fable, “The Belly and the Members?” As you read the following story I encourage […] Read more

It’s about the execution and teamwork. Great ideas need execution. Great Team and Leadership Story

There is an old Aesop fairytale I have told many times in workshops. I love it. If you are kicking off a project it is a great teamwork story to start with. It demonstrates what can simply go wrong in team execution.

People these days are being asked to do more with less, are feeling a lack of appreciation, are struggling with stresses outside of the workplace and the message often times is “just be happy you have a job.”