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Root Canal and Performance Problems

Prevent and treat performance problems for better team health! Do you hate going to the dentist as much as I do? When I was young man, about 18, I had an absolutely terrible experience. After the dentist had announced that I had two cavities he also told me that because I “looked like a man” […] Read more

Tiger – Indian Legend – Some Leaders Think They Are Tough

How many of us would admit that we are in the skin of a tiger, but our heart is that of a mouse? We talk tough, but we are afraid to follow through with action. We believe it is important at times to be direct and honest with those we lead, but we avoid conflict.

I realize that this post may be my most controversial post ever due to my sharpness. But I am going to say and post it any way. Most managers that lack the guts to provide honest feedback might very well be doing it because they are selfish, not because they care. I have heard many managers I have consulted with over the year say something like…

Not too long ago my 12 year old son decided that he would go out and practice basketball a lot more. I watched him for a little while. He would shoot and he would dribble a little. There wasn’t much effort in what he was doing. He did whatever was comfortable, whatever he enjoyed the most. After awhile I went out and gave him a little coaching.

Great Unusual Leadership Video

Someone just sent me the following video. There are lots of applications to becoming a leader in this video. The questions I have are who made the biggest difference? The first, second or third guy? And how does this apply to us who are trying to become exceptional leaders? What do you think?