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crying at work

Leadership Tips for Crying at Work

Many managers and leaders are not comfortable when things get emotional. Those in leadership positions may feel it is not professional to cry. But the reality is most people (and even some of your best) can’t just drop their emotions in the lobby before they come to work, or drop them in a bucket when they surface […] Read more

Emotions in the workplace – Crying at work

Emotion in the workplace can take many forms from elation to anger. Managing those emotions at work can be very difficult for some. Is crying okay? Should leaders frown upon it? Also see: If a Leader Tears Up or Cries Is He or She More Effective? The ‘expert” in the video below believes that work […] Read more

It is always refreshing for me personally to run across a leader like Steven from time to time. I have had a lot of respect and in some cases more loyalty for leaders who could be genuinely emotional on occasion. I am talking about open leaders who could share an inspiring personal story and could shed tears. Or leaders who could cry with those they lead because they care.

I recently watched a short video (which I have posted below) developed by The so called guru being interviewed states that work is about facts, not feelings and that we should really work on separating the two. So I was thinking what the benefits of a workplace would look like that separated feelings from facts.