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Happy employees – rewards, recognition and respect

Employee Rewards, Recognition and Respect Over the weekend I had the opportunity to work in the yard with my sons. We were preparing our Summer garden. As with any preparation getting rid of the weeds is critical. I usually assign each son an area to work in and tell them when they get their section […] Read more

Acknowledge People Leaders!

Employee reward and recognition programs are important… Reward and recognition programs are critical to every team and organization. And great leaders naturally get this. However, just as important, if not more important is that leaders simply acknowledge people. A number of years ago I was asked to serve at the head of a church congregation […] Read more

I have seen this with teams that I have developed over the years. The leader with good intentions decides that he or she will begin to introduce competition among the team. So individual productivity based rewards are introduced to the team based as a way to drum up “healthy” competition. What the leader gets instead are team members not willing to give help, ask for help, provide best practices etc… Much like many of the team based reality games on television today like the “Biggest Loser” or “Survivor” team members will turn on teammates if it means they might win the game.