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How many “nice guy” employees have you seen in your career that stay in the background of teams and organizations and are never held accountable for their sub-par performance? I’ve seen my share. This was definitely the case with Darryl Strawberry.

Team Goals and Field Goals

An amazing thing has been happening with my 12 year old son lately. He is kicking the guts out of footballs with great accuracy, and I don’t even have to push him! Let me give you a little bit of background.

Two weeks ago I asked the question on several LinkedIn Groups “What is so difficult about teamwork?” I received well over 200 responses. My intention was to rank each of them and then figure out ways we can create better teamwork. Today we will discuss obstacle number two – lack of goals and goal alignment.

I have been watching a reality show lately titled “The Deadliest Catch.” Now, I am not a big TV watcher; there really isn’t much that appeals to me. But this show is different. For some reason I am glued to it. Maybe it’s the risk these fishermen take with below 0 temperatures, 70 foot waves, little sleep and lots of equipment that can take your head off – literally. Or maybe it’s just simply the sport of fishing. But I think it is most likely the lessons in teamwork.

Leaders need to tell those who are rowing where they are going and why. This article gives four practical communication suggestions for leaders that can be applied now.