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judging others

Judging too quickly – leader thumbs down

Have you ever jumped to conclusions too quickly as a leader? Have you ever misjudged someone’s intentions as a leader? Enjoy the video below, it has a fun and surprising ending. Being a good leader requires that you make decisions quickly. But jumping to conclusions too quickly can negatively affect your ability to lead for […] Read more

Being Judgmental Story – Leadership Story

There is an old Welsh fable told of a dog that had belonged to Llywelyn the Great, a Prince of Gwynedd in the 13th Century. He had been given the dog as a gift from King John of England. Prince Llywelyn’s wife had passed away and the dog was charged with watching the cradle of the Prince’s baby when he went hunting.

Judging others can make you look stupid

We all do it from time to time, right? But when we wrongly judge others we can really look stupid. The reality is each of us has our weaknesses, and each of us has our strengths. Sometimes we get caught up in worrying so much about others weaknesses that we forget that we have our own too.