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There is something to learn from everything and everybody and those leaders who learn the most are those who are humble enough to learn from what others believe there is little to learn from. Unfortunately, many of us never learn everything we can learn because we overestimate what we believe we already know. You might have […] Read more

Why should leaders tell stories? Because stories can convey emotion, humor and learning. They are interesting, captivating and memorable. They can be inspiring, motivational and life changing. People relate to stories and generally love them.

Leaders Admit Mistakes

If I come up to a dark hole and tell you to jump in, what would your response be? Probably something like this “You kidding, how about you jump first.” However, if I jump in, then show you it is safe to jump in and then ask you to do the same, you probably will. A leader who opens up about his or her mistakes is showing others it is safe to do the same.