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Parable of the Pencil – Leadership Story

I love leadership stories and especially parables. Such stories and parables often highlight and reinforce important leadership traits. This leadership story/parable, like many of the stories I post on my blog, are great to share. They are a wonderful way to teach and train effective leadership. The following parable highlights five things great leaders should […] Read more

Goal Failure Goal Success Learn

The other day I was asking my 12 year old son how basketball practice went (he is playing with a new year-round competitive team), and how he feels he is doing. He said, “Good.” That’s the typical answer I get from him, so I decided to dig a little deeper. I asked, “What does your coach say when you make a mistake?” His response was music to my ears, “He ask me if I know what I did wrong. I say yes, and that’s it.” I asked, “What happens if you make the same mistake again?” He said, “Then he helps me to get it right.”