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negative leaders

Why Whining and Complaining will Literally Destroy you as a Leader post image

Several years ago I wrote a popular post on this blog titled 3 Ways to Deal With Whiny and Complaining Employees. In hindsight I have should have quickly followed that up with a post on “3 Ways to Stop Being a Whiny Leader.” Because the reality is, we all have our whiny moments too. Recently I […] Read more

Hall later apologized. Certainly he can be forgiven, but he will lose respect in the eyes of many. It is unfortunate when leaders in any organization express their disdain and hate towards anyone, including competitors. Hate never motivated anything but more hate. When people hate, they lack common sense and creativity because anger consumes them. Leaders must be careful in what they say, even in the heat of the moment. Here are four “refrains” I would suggest for any leader.