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Leaders Must Provide Feedback the Right Way

Just Simply Saying Thanks and Giving Positive Feedback is Not Enough Several years ago I sat in a meeting with a senior leader who felt it would be a good idea to go around the room and provide each of the other leaders with a “pat on the back” through expressing his gratitude for what they […] Read more

Powerful Leadership Story – The Power of Positive

I remember years ago a story I heard in Sunday School that has had an important impact on me all of my life. It was based on the legend of “Johnny Lingo.” Maybe some of you have heard it? Johnny Lingo is a fictional story about a woman islander in the South Pacific who was constantly belittled by her family and told she was ugly.

One on one and Annual performance review

You better ensure you can answer questions like “what could I have done different this year to get a higher rating? What can I do next year to get a better rating?” If you can’t answer these types questions then you have failed the employee you are doing the review with.