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It doesn’t take an audience of hundreds at our beckon call to be a great leader. Sometimes it happens in the simplest and most humble surroundings. And in the case of this touching video it happens when a father decides to magnify his most important calling – fatherhood. It’s a labor of love that will affect you and make you want to do better as a human being. That’s the leadership piece.

Team Goals and Field Goals

An amazing thing has been happening with my 12 year old son lately. He is kicking the guts out of footballs with great accuracy, and I don’t even have to push him! Let me give you a little bit of background.

Entertaining Teamwork Video

I love this teamwork video I just saw on YouTube. It’s amazing what a video can do to demonstrate a concept. This is entertaining. Let me know what you think.

I personally believe that lack of understanding team members should probably be number one if not a close second in the rankings. With lack of understanding comes lack of trust. When there is a lack of trust on the team there will be focus on anything but the issues during team conflict, which will create all kinds of inefficiencies on the team. What do you think? What have you done on your teams to increase understanding among team members?

I asked the question “what’s so difficult about teamwork” on several LinkedIn groups recently. I have received well over 100 quality responses. I will be compiling and ranking these responses on my blog next Tuesday. Each week following next Tuesday I am inviting each of you to contribute or just simply enjoy the discussion as we come up with solutions for each obstacle. It should be fun. I am calling it “Teamwork Tuesday.”